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The DaV'ange Group is comprised of DaV'ange Consulting, DaV'ange Training and DaV'ange Investigations. The DaVange group is an impressive ensemble of consultants, contractors and partners who provide services across Australia and New Zealand in a range of enterprises. Specialising in the Government and funded agency sectors as well as the Justice, Health and Community Services Sectors, DaV'ange Consulting provides a formidable mix of skills and experience not commonly found in most organisational staffing cohorts.

DaV'ange Training

We facilitate and manage accredited and non accredited training solutions. We also specialise in fully funded training. The secret of our success is the no extra fee and no catch approach to funded training where we strive to innovatively utilise training funding to generate revenue for your enterprise. The breadth and diversity of our team of trainers means there is nothing we can not train in and nowhere we can not train.

DaV'ange Consulting

DaV'ange has an impressive stable of contracting consultants who specialise in a broad range of areas. Our consultants provide advice and strategic stewardship through areas including but not limited to;

  • Strategic Planning
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Forensic HR
  • Forensic IT
  • Strategic HR
  • Performance Management
  • Project Management
  • Tender writing
  • Audits and Audit preparation
  • Risk Management
  • Risk Intelligence
  • Workforce Development
  • IT Projects and LMS solutions

DaV'ange Investigations

We have a team of skilled and experienced HR, WPHS and Investigation professionals who service a variety of industries across Australia and New Zealand. We handle everything from mediation and conflict retreats to performance management issues that have descended out of control. We conduct work place injury investigation and our complex qualifications matrix allows us to specialise in workplace behavior and psychological injury cases. We have investigators available for all investigation matters.