DaV'ange Investigations

DaV’ange Investigations have been servicing Government and Non Government Services for the past 5 years with impressive results. Our team of ethical investigators and review all have a proven track record in their respective industries. Many with executive level operational experience our investigators and reviewers bring high level skills and insights to manage the most complex or delicate situation.

Sometimes you need an objective third party who can give you line of sight and firm recommendations that remedy the issues at hand. Our team is led by Criminologist and former QUT lecturer David Bradford who specialises in the human dynamic of investigations. With skills behavioural interviewing, David has provided training in investigation methods and behavioural interviewing to law enforcementand statutory agencies including, Child Protection, Health, Corrections, Police and Customs Services. With 18 years experience in complex areas of government, David has many accolades and achievements to his name. Through DaV’ange Investigations, David applies his unique skill set to workplace investigations specialising in the following areas:

Workcover matters

We deal with everything from incident investigation to safety assessments and auditing. We investigate claims and complaints and deliver cogent, reliable reports and assessments to support critical decisions. Our investigator holds a Diploma of Work Health and Safety along with other relevant qualifications.

Psychological injury

The dynamics of the modern work place can at times be fraught with all manner of behaviours that expose staff to the risk of psychological injury. This often misunderstood area of industrial relations has led many companies into very lengthy and costly legal processes. We can conduct organisational health checks, complaint based reviews and claims investigations. Our team includes registered psychologists and HR experts with executive level experience and years of experience managing delicate matters like these.

Bullying and harassment

Our team of experts have helped countless agencies deal with issues that could descend into a workplace harassment claim as well as managing complaints and claims of bullying and harassment. We have investigators who can manage sexual harrassment in a sensitive fashion without creating a scandal.

Complaints Management

Sometimes no matter how hard you try you just cant resolve some issues. Angry supplier, upset customer, social media nightmare or frequent complainant, they all absorb time and resources and more importantly, focus. Keep your head in the game and let us manage the distractions.

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